Global Missions

The Global Missions ministry is centered on a rich, multifaceted and evolving relationship with the village of Mwitikira, Tanzania. This ministry began in 2007 when St. Paul’s vestry joined the ONE Campaign in support of the Millennium Development Goals (MDG). The initial focus of the ministry was on children in Sub-Saharan Africa, but that focus has expanded to many other projects based on the needs expressed by the people of Mwitikira and their priest, Father Erasto Ndahani.

The Global Missions Committee has adopted three guideposts for the projects we support:

  • Effective – Project provides a real, tangible benefit to Mwitikira primarily in the areas of clean water, food supply, educational opportunities and basic healthcare.
  • Affordable – Project costs fall within the committee’s budget in a way that allows it to complete and be maintained.
  • Sustainable – Assistance that provides tools that allow individuals or the village as a whole to improve their quality of life and that will outlive the help provided by St. Paul’s.

To see the recent projects we’ve been involved in within this international partnership, check out our 2021 Global Missions Report.

Get Involved

  • Join the Global Missions Committee.
  • Make a donation to support our projects.
  • Donate your time to projects in the village.

If you are interested in learning more or want to volunteer, contact Roger Whitfield or Joe Kearfott.