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Proclaiming Christ in the Heart of the City

Advent Lessons and Carols

This service vividly expresses the Church’s preparation for the coming of the Lord Jesus both in the festival of Christmas and in the consummation of the ages. We will alternate Scripture, carols and hymns, finally climaxing in St. Matthew’s Gospel.

December 3 @ 4 PM


Join us as we prepare for the birth of Christ! St. Paul’s is offering contemplative services, joyous fellowship and musical celebrations throughout the season.

Christmas Giving Ways to Give

This year St. Paul’s is proudly offering several opportunities to give back to our community

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Your Lamps

by the Rev. Charlie Dupree In her sermon on Sunday, Gwynn mentioned keeping our lamps filled with oil – a metaphor for being prepared, taking care of ourselves spiritually, and being aware of and open to the presence of God.…

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A Way Forward

by the Rev. Charlie Dupree These days, it’s pretty easy to get anywhere you want with little effort. Just plug an address into your mapping system, and the car might even drive you to your destination. Our phones even have built-in…

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