Vision & Values

We are called to EXTEND A GENEROUS WELCOME – At St. Paul’s we realize that we’re stronger together than we are apart. We celebrate diversity and affirm those who are seeking, searching, and exploring their faith.

We are called to MAKE MEANING. In a world in which so many people and places are shaping our value systems and identity, we help people discern what matters and what is important. Our worship and spiritual formation offerings creatively explore who we are, and how God is involved in our lives.

We are called to HOLD UP HOPE. Especially now when so many continue to struggle with loss, transitions, and isolation, we want to connect with each other and be with each other as we walk the journeys of life. Our ministries of parish life and pastoral care help us remember that we are not alone.

We are called to CULTIVATE DIGNITY, LOVE, and JUSTICE. The way we engage with and reach out to our community has always been a hallmark of St. Paul’s. Building upon decades of thoughtful and responsive ministry to the community, we continue to respond to the changing needs of our community and world, growing partnerships that matter. Our ministries of Community Engagement and Outreach empower each of us to reflect the compassionate, loving, and justice-seeking Jesus.

We are called to FOSTER BEAUTY, HOLINESS, and TRANSFORMATION. Our location in downtown Richmond and across from the state capitol is unique. Our history is also unique. We honor our history but do not make an idol of it. Our beautiful church building and grounds allow our community to experience God’s love and God’s call to change and be changed. All of our ministries serve to support our physical presence in this city and allow us to be a spiritual center for our neighborhood.

We are called to NURTURE A CULTURE of GENEROSITY and GIVING. In whatever ways we can, we are invited to offer our gifts. In the sharing of our resources, abilities and time, we support the life and vitality of the St. Paul’s community and participate in the long-term vision to be a presence in downtown Richmond and beyond. We trust that, in whatever ways we offer our gifts, God will use them to bring about health, healing, and wholeness.