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Struggle by Rev. Charlie Dupree

Today is Election Day. What to say on a day of election? I’ll first turn to one of our Assisting Bishops in the Diocese of Virginia, the Rt. Reverend Jennifer Brooke-Davidson: What will we do if. . . if the…

Church Together | Community Giving

“Church Together” is the theme of this year’s Community Giving Campaign at St. Paul’s. Realizing that this year would not be a “normal” year, the committee has been meeting for several months. Their theme of being called together is a testament to the God who, through the centuries, has called the church together and has created us to be in relationship. No matter the circumstance, God has shown that, together, God’s people can move into places of life.

St. Francis

by Rev. Charlie Dupree Francis is one of my favorite saints. He is typically associated with animals and creation. Underlying these associations with nature is humility – a stepping aside from the “ways of the world.” St. Francis was doing…

Homecoming Sunday!

Homecoming Sunday is a tradition at St. Paul’s, Richmond. For years, you have gathered on the Sunday after Labor Day to celebrate your heritage as a community of faith in downtown Richmond. If we have learned anything in our short tenure at St. Paul’s, it is the fierce attachment and devotion most of you have for your church home on 815 E. Grace Street. We hear the aching and longing in your voices when you say, “I miss my church!” It is indeed a painful time of exile from our church home as we have known it.