Rev. Rainey Dankel | 11.1.2020

As we read this passage today, in celebration of the Feast of All Saints’, we think of faithful witnesses to God’s love, both living and departed...

Rev. Ben Campbell | 10.25.20

I think all of us realize this morning that we are in the midst of a Big Moment. It is a moment of world history that is so big everyone is affected by it.  Big things are happening.  Big, unstoppable changes are underway.  It is far bigger than any of us singly, so we know our lives will change. But each of us has some power as time move forward.  Each of us is invited to choose.  Each of us must also take initiative. Here are three of the major pieces of this Big Moment...

Rev. Melanie Mullen | 9.27.20

Reconciliation Sunday is a day for St. Paul’s to look at the past; and a time to forgive and be forgiven. We joined together as a congregation to celebrate where we’ve come from and to move forward with hope in our future. The Rev. Melanie Mullen, Director of Reconciliation, Justice and Creation Care for the Episcopal Church (and former Associate Rector at St. Paul's) preached.

Rev. Rainey Dankel | 9.20.20

GENEROUS GOD: "God’s love for us is beyond our imagining. We rely on God’s generosity, not our deserving. This is the good news" Proper 20, Year A: Jonah 3:10-4:11; Psalm 145; Matthew 20:1-16