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From Whom Has Our Wellbeing Come?

Dear Friends, The words of next Sunday’s gospel will seem disconnected from our own experience of life. Despite ourselves, we are already responding to prospects of Christmas, warm fires on dark nights, Christmas gift lists, and good food. Meanwhile, Jesus predicts the destruction of the temple in Jerusalem. What is all his talk of “wars […]

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A Prayer for Our Times

Here is an appropriate prayer for our times, shared by our brother Rabbi Michael Knopf on Tuesday night at the JCC. He got it from the Central Conference of American Rabbis: When evil darkens our world, let us be the bearers of light.  When fists are clenched in self-righteous rage, let our hands be open […]

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The “Least” of Us

Dear Friends, Scripture is very concerned about the least among us, because God is very concerned about the least among us. Jesus directs hard words at those filled with self-importance, who say long prayers but then steal from the poor. He goes on to remind us that God is concerned about the frail among us, […]

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