by the Rev. Charlie Dupree

During the season of Advent, we hear a lot from John, the relative of Jesus. They met before they were born, linked by God and a visit between Mary and Elizabeth. It seems that right out of the womb, John was dedicated to Jesus. John grew up to become what my mother would have called a “wild child.” He ate bugs and honey. He wore animal hide. He shouted. He was probably an over-sharer, offering honesty when honesty wasn’t invited. But that’s the role of the prophet, right?

Even though John may have been an in-your-face type of person, I still think that he possesses a self-awareness . . . a humility.  

“Me? Jesus? Nope. That’s not me.”

It’s often important to know who we are. It can be equally important to know who we are not. Pretending to be something or someone we’re not can often get us into real trouble. John knows he is powerful in many ways. He also knows that a different kind of power rests in Jesus, and his ego doesn’t prevent him from making that clear to others.

On Sunday, we’ll hear from John again (this time, from the Fourth Gospel). The figure of John is important in scripture, maybe, because of his strong personality. But, in my opinion, it is his self-awareness that makes him memorable. Instead of stealing the spotlight, he points it toward another, so that others won’t miss Him.

See you in church (Advent III),