A Way Forward

by the Rev. Charlie Dupree

These days, it’s pretty easy to get anywhere you want with little effort. Just plug an address into your mapping system, and the car might even drive you to your destination. Our phones even have built-in maps and compasses!

Do you remember, though, what it was like to try to find your way without a map? I’m reminded of the saying, “If you don’t know where you’re going, any road will take you there.” It can be frustrating and lead to a feeling of “Where am I?”

A lot has changed in our society and culture as we’ve moved through a season of pandemic. A lot has changed in the RVA community. A lot has changed within the broader church . . . a lot has changed at St. Paul’s.

Who are we? Where do we want to go? Who do we want to become? Who are we called to serve?

It is time for us, as a faith community, to come together and explore these questions. It is time, again, to develop our map, find the compass, and identify the north star that will help us move into our changed, post-covid culture.

Today, our Senior Warden, Marti Truman, comes to you with an exciting announcement and invitation. On behalf of your vestry, Marti shares a plan to come together as a community to discern how to move forward into a St. Paul’s that God, even now, continues to shape and imagine.

See you in church,

Charlie+ (he/him)