St. Paul’s Annual Giving Campaign

Today, we hear from Brian Carr. As the Junior Warden, he is a leader among leaders of our governing board, called the vestry. In partnership with Marti Truman, our Sr. Warden, this dynamic duo offers their superpowers to help make St. Paul’s a healthy, safe, transparent community that proclaims and embodies God’s love, hospitality, compassion, and justice.

In addition to talking to you about how St. Paul’s has played an important role in his family’s life, Brian also extends an invitation.

As a part of our Annual Giving Campaign, St. Paul’s will host a Town Hall on Sunday at 11:45 AM. Why are we having a Town Hall? We want you to know what’s going on, how we are thinking, and where we are going. Most importantly, we need your presence and your help so that we can celebrate who we are, and who we are becoming.

See you in church,

Charlie+ (he/him)