At All Times

by the Rev. Charlie Dupree

Silver, silver sky;

Gray, yellow, metal, soft.

Sprinkler system watering plants placed;

Back and forth; forth and back;

Precise and clumsy. Calming.

Mamas and daddies putting curious kids to bed

“Do I have to? Do I have to?”

Pigeons on steeples

Feathers flying

Angry mama-bird chasing; protecting; hallowing.

Sunset setting.

“O Gracious Light . . .

You are worthy at all times to be praised by happy voices,”

Sings the ancient hymn, reminding and retelling.

At all times?

At all times. Yes.

See you in church (Youth Sunday with guest preacher, Peter Huff, graduating this year from St. Christopher’s School),

Charlie+ (he/him)