Rector’s Blog: And the Word was Made Flesh…

And the Word was made flesh . . .

By Charlie Dupree

This evening, millions of Christians will stream through church doors. “O come, all ye faithful,” the hymn tells us. And, so, we do. The faithful come to church to celebrate the Incarnation. The word “incarnation” finds its root in a word meaning “flesh.” In the tiny, baby fingers and baby toes of a vulnerable child, God become flesh and lives, inhabits, and occupies our lives. God becomes one of us and takes the name of Jesus. Oh, how those baby fingers and baby toes will grow. They will grow and change the world.

O come, let us adore him.

On this holy eve I am thankful for you . . . the faithful of St. Paul’s. Wherever you may be this Christmas eve, I pray that you are safe and surrounded by warmth, light, and love.

See you in church,

Rector, St. Paul’s Episcopal Church
Richmond, Virginia
Preferred pronouns: he, him, his