Weekly Encouragement: “A Little Child Shall Lead Them”

This “weekly encouragement” post was written by guest blogger, the Rev. Bruce Birdsey. Bruce, an ordained Episcopal priest, sometimes acts as celebrant for our Noonday Worship in the Chapel downstairs, and was kind enough to assist with our service this past Sunday. Please enjoy this special “guest” post!

“That we may be mutually encouraged by each other’s faith.”
Romans 1:12

Dear Sisters and Brothers in Christ,

A young girl by the name of Audrey led the gospel procession several weeks ago, holding the gospel book high above her head, a beaming smile on her face as she preceded a few other children and the celebrant around the nave. It brought many a smile to the faces of adults in the pews.

Question to adults: did your smile say, “Oh, look how cute the little children are”? If so, it diminished the significance of the gospel procession. The Bible says, “A little child shall lead them.” Not “a little child shall lead all the other little children.”

Every Sunday, our interim rector invites “God’s children of every age” to join the procession. His implication, I believe, is that Jesus says “Follow me” to all of us, not just the little children.

It would be wonderful to see a gospel procession with the aged to the infant participating. Doesn’t have to be everyone in church, of course, but a representative group – at least until the numbers get unmanageably large. That would be a nice problem to have.

“Unless you turn and become like children, you will never enter the kingdom of God.” Remember those words? If not, look them up. (Hint: they’re in Matthew, Mark and Luke.)

The Rev. Bruce Birdsey
(retired but not shy)

PS – It was a great joy to see several adults join the procession two Sundays ago when no children were present, and again on a different Sunday when lots of children were present. Take heart, everyone, from their example.