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Be Reconciled

2017 Annual Giving Campaign

Dear People of St. Paul's,

We're on the starting line of our 2017 Annual Giving Campaign! It's time for the fun of moving towards our goal and the fruit it will bear at St. Paul's. As a church dedicated to reconciliation for many years, Be Reconciled is our theme this year. 

What draws you to St. Paul's? Is it our alive and exciting music program? Our Community Lenten Series, which brings world-class speakers to the heart of Richmond every weekday during Lent? Is it Mwitikira, our partner village in Tanzania with no electricity, running water, or plumbing, where we send medical supplies, constructed a water system, developed a library, and continue to feed HIV orphans once a day? Or our Emmaus program, which feeds over 200 people a week in Scott Hall? Maybe it's our Micah Initiative where we mentor at-risk children at Woodville Elementary School, or one of our many other ministries?

We, the parishioners, are the stewards of St. Paul's--our pledges are what sustain this community and our work beyond these walls.

We invite you to ask yourself: what does St. Paul's mean to you? How can you help and make it count? Please pledge accordingly and let your gift reflect the love, appreciation, and support you feel for our community in Christ.


Trudy Bryan & Sam Jackson, 2017 Annual Giving Campaign Co-Chairs


Stewardship Sunday: October 2, 2016

Parish Ingathering and Brunch: Sunday, November 13, 2016 at 10:10 a.m. 

Pledge and give online at AccessACS

To make your 2017 pledge, please follow these steps:

  1. Sign in to AccessACS.
  2. Click 'Home' then 'My Profile.'
  3. In your profile, click 'My pledge history' and then add your pledge.
  4. Fill in the dates as January 1, 2017 through December 31, 2017.
  5. Select 'PLEDGE' from the drop-down menu and click submit.

If you have any questions, email Aliesha Hart.

Thank you for your generosity!