Rev. Dr. Brian K. Blount | 1.24.21

As St. Paul’s Church marks the 175th anniversary of its founding, we are pleased to welcome The Rev. Dr. Brian K. Blount as our guest preacher. In the lectionary cycle, this Sunday marks the Conversion of St. Paul and is observed each year as the feast of our “patron saint.”  

Rev. Rainey Dankel | Sermon 1.3.21

Christmas is good news because it signals a continuing breaking down of barriers that separate people from an encounter with God. All people—Jews and Gentiles—native-born and immigrants—of all complexions and languages—from near and far—educated and illiterate—young and old—on foot and on camel--are invited to see the Christ Child. May we find our place in this invitation. And may we learn to extend it to all people. For we all need to see Jesus. And the newborn child is waiting for you. Listen below or read more, by clicking above link...

Rev. Rainey Dankel | Sermon 11.22.20

For the last several weeks we have been reading stories from the end of Matthew’s gospel, parables that Jesus uses to help his disciples understand the urgency of being prepared for the coming of God’s kingdom. There is a lot of talk about punishment and “weeping and gnashing of teeth.” But in the midst of these sometimes grisly pictures, we also hear words of hope and love, and perhaps they speak most clearly to us in a time of disruption and fear... READ MORE.