Parish Life + Formation

RESOURCES during a time of COVID-19 and beyond…

For information on Bible Study, worship and other formation offerings from St. Paul’s visit our Church Away Page.

· Electronic Version of the Bible
· The Online Book of Common Prayer
· d365: devotionals 365 days a year
· Signs of Life: the Lent 2020 offering from the Society of Saint James the Evangelist (SSJE) in collaboration with Lifelong Learning at Virginia Theology Seminary in Northern Virginia.
· Earth & Altar: “a blog/ magazine for and by catholic reformed Christians of all denominations who see an expansively conceived credal orthodoxy as fully compatible with LGBTQ inclusion, gender equality, and racial justice”
· “Thoughts of a Christian Educator: Rows of Sharon

Our Minister for Faith Formation, Keli Shipley Cooper, has been sending out a “Spiritual Focus of the Day” message over email (and posted on Facebook) that invites us to reflect on aspects of our spiritual lives and journeys.

Week 1:
~ Monday 3.23
~ Wednesday 3.25
~ Friday 3.27

· “Creeds and Scriptures in the Medium of Time.” Since we will not have forum for at least the next two Sunday mornings, listen to Bishop John Shelby “Jack” Spong’s first two forums. WEEK ONE ~ WEEK TWO ~ More info on this series.
· On Being Project: “… a nonprofit media and public life initiative… We explore the intersection of spiritual inquiry, science, social healing, community poetry, and the arts”
· A Listening Care Package for Uncertain Times
· Presiding Bishop Michael Curry’s Sermon from Washington National Cathedral

CONTEMPLATE // The facilitators of our Sunday Morning Meditation/ Contemplative Prayer have provided the following resources that some of them use in their individual meditation and in preparation for group mediation on Sundays.
· Contemplative Chants
· Daily Prayer for All Seasons book of daily prayers
· Sign up for Daily Meditations through the Center for Action and Contemplation
· Turning to the Mystics with James Finley: “Turning to the Mystics is a podcast for people searching for something more meaningful, intimate and richly present in the divine gift of their lives”
· Breath Prayers by Sarah Bessey

· Learn more about the Episcopal Church through “Walk in Love: Episcopal Beliefs and Practices
· New Spiritual Disciplines through “Spiritual Disciplines Handbook: Practices that Transform Us

· Illustrated Ministry is providing free resources as we seek to “flatten the curve”
· Faith @ Home: Lectionary-based readings and reflections
· Child Mind Institute: Supporting Kids During the Coronavirus Crisis
· Introduction to Godly Play // Other Godly Play lessons available on YouTube
· Godly Play Story St. Paul’s has currently been reading: The Faces of Easter
· Candle Walk by Karin Holsinger Sherman – An illustrated picture book that prepares children for sleep from from Church Publishing Incorporated.
· Supporting your children’s academic learning: Khan Academy and Scholastic.

Community is at the heart of what the Christian life is about. Through worship together, mission, working for justice and peace, evangelism and education, we are nurtured, enlivened, sustained and formed. The Bible’s original word for “church” is ekklesia, Greek for “assembly” or “gathering.” Viewed this way, the Christian community is simply those who love Jesus and live in fellowship with each other.

At St. Paul’s, we come from different backgrounds and experiences, but we come together because we’ve found things that are important to us – real relationships and a caring community.

And many of us have found others who want to continue learning about our faith to answer the great questions of life, the nature of God and spirituality, the Bible and its mysteries, and of Jesus Christ. This time with people of like mind encourages us in our faith and makes us realize that we are not alone – whether we’re facing struggles or experiencing joys.