Circles RVA

CirclesRVA: Building Community to End Poverty

The CirclesRVA model empowers individuals and families to permanently move themselves out of poverty and thrive by engaging the strengths, goodwill and existing resources of the entire community. The focus is on community ownership of problems and solutions to break the cycle of poverty. The Circles model is being used in over 70 communities nationwide, with promising results.

St. Paul’s is partnering with several Richmond faith communities to implement this innovative relationship-based volunteer model, which will require the commitment of 150 volunteers in various roles and on a flexible range of schedules.

There is plenty of work ahead of us. The Richmond poverty rate at 25%.  For children under 18, the poverty rate is 39%. These numbers represent the faces of children, men and women of our community.  Every bit of empathy and friendship helps. The opportunity to work in partnership with other faith communities is very meaningful.

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