Our Committees

Ministry Committee Structure

In 2018, St. Paul’s simplified and reorganized the ministries and committee structure of the Church. The current list of Ministry Committees includes:

Parish Life
Faith Formation
Vestry Nomination & Election
• Worship 

We also have a History and Reconciliation Initiative, which examines history and race relations within our church through the years.


Roles & Responsibilities

Each Ministry Committee is asked to:

• Be guided by our mission (to Proclaim Christ in the Heart of the City), have clear scope and purpose, maintain contact and oversee committee activities. They will support, make recommendations, and report to the Vestry.
• Support evangelism/sharing the good news!
• Follow the same 3 year term structure as the Vestry. There will be no consecutive terms, and there will be a minimum of one year period between terms of service.
• Reflect the diversity of the congregation.
• Annually evaluate, discern, adjust, and review their mission.
• Recruit leaders for their specific ministries.
• Meet at least quarterly or as needed.


Ministry Committee Composition & Leadership

Each Ministry Committee must abide by the following composition and leadership guidelines:

• Be composed of 6 to 8 parishioners, one vestry liaison, and one staff liaison. All have a vote.
• Each Chair of a Ministry Committee should have knowledge and experience regarding that specific ministry, be a person of faith, and a have discerning and collaborative spirit.
• All Ministry chairs are called annually in May by the Vestry.
• The Ministry Chair appoints committee members in consultation with the Vestry and staff liaisons.
• Chairs of Ministry Committees meet jointly annually or as needed to be scheduled by the Wardens and rector.