Lenten Daily Devotions

This year’s theme for Lent is Around the Table…A Spirituality for Cooking, Eating, Hospitality, and Hanging Out. For our daily devotions this year, parishioners were invited to share a story about a time when they felt spiritually connected around the table with a loved one. Sign up below (scroll down) to receive a daily (weekday) email with a reflection and possibly a new recipe!

2.23.23 | Liz Whitehurst

2.24.23 | Josh Paulie

2.27.23 | Kristi Mullins

2.29.23 | Matthew Cole

3.1.23 | Emma Breeden

3.2.23 | The Rev. Michael Sweeny

3.3.23 | Lynn Blankman

3.6.23 | Jeanelle Moritz

3.7.23 | Bruce Yoder

3.8.23 | The Rev. Charlie Dupree

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