In-Person Worship

We are beginning to explore hybrid worship as we can now offer in-person worship at a reduced capacity of 75 persons. Due to the reduced numbers allowed, we will be requiring registration in order to attend. Additionally, following the service, we will offer Holy Communion (bread only) in the church for those who were unable to attend the service in person. Scroll down to see what to expect.

To Register for Sunday, April 18th Worship at 10:00 a.m. | Click Here for Registration Link.
If the registration is full, you can still register to be put on the waitlist.

What Sunday will look like this week:

  • 10:00 a.m. Sunday Morning Worship Service with Holy Communion (bread only) offered in-person indoors (with pre-registration) and simultaneous online live-stream on Facebook and website.
  • 11:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. we will offer Holy Communion following worship (bread only) for anyone who would like who did not attend the service. Communion will be offered in the church and you do not need to register for this.
  • Virtual Coffee hour will continue following the service (around 11:15 a.m.).

What to know about registering to attend in-person worship:

  • You must register yourself and anyone in your household who will attend using the link at the top of this page. Please note, that about 15 of the 75 available slots are in the balcony. We will make sure to accommodate those with mobility issues accordingly.
  • Registration will be available from 6:00 p.m. on Tuesdays through 5:00 p.m. on Fridays or until capacity is reached.
  • There is a waitlist option available. If registration is full, please still put your name on the waitlist, so that we know how many people are interested in attending who were unable to reserve an available spot. This will help us in our future planning.
  • If you would like support registering or if you need to cancel your reservation you can contact Carter at the church office at 804-545-5401 or by e-mail.

Please review our indoor worship guidelines below to know what to expect and only attend worship and receive communion if you are healthy and non-symptomatic with COVID-19 or any other transmittable disease that could compromise the health of another congregant.

Thank you for your ongoing support and prayers as we enter into this new season thoughtfully and safely together online and in person!

COVID-19 Health and Safety Guidelines for In-Person, Indoor Worship

Make sure to RSVP for respective service if RSVP is required due to reduced attendance capacity. 

What to Expect

To maintain social distancing guidelines from the Diocese of Virginia and provide a safe contemplative space, these services will be limited in size (75 person attendee capacity), and signing up to reserve your spot is necessary. Unfortunately, we are not able to provide childcare for this service and masks will need to be worn throughout the service. Thank you for your flexibility as we explore indoor worship options and the particularities of limited seating.

The service will also be live-streamed on Facebook and on our website, and we HIGHLY recommend the streamed offering to, anyone who considers themselves or a household member in a high-risk population for contracting COVID-19, or simply anyone who does not feel comfortable attending in person.

Please only attend worship and receive communion if you are healthy and non-symptomatic with COVID-19 or any other transmittable disease that could compromise the health of another congregant.

Preparing for Worship

Before Leaving For Church:

  • Bring your mask! While all are welcome, all are required to wear masks in church.
  • Make sure no one in your household is feeling ill.
  • Consider using the restroom one last time before coming to church. While the church restrooms will be available and cleaned regularly, these are high-traffic and enclosed areas with higher levels of risk.

Arriving At Church:

  • Please arrive no earlier than 20 minutes before the start of service (and no later than 5 minutes prior to the start).
  • Both the garage and on-street parking are available, but the use of the elevator has changed. Only those with physical limitations should use the elevator (and please share the elevator only with household members). As you are able, please walk from the parking garage to the entrance doors on Grace Street.
  • Ushers will be on hand to direct everyone to the appropriate pew.
  • Please pay attention to all signage, particularly the arrows defining the new one-way walking flow in the church aisles. The center aisle will be one-way from the doors to the altar. The side aisles are one-way in the opposite direction.
  • If a line forms outside, please maintain social distancing and at all times. The ushers will get you safely seated as soon as possible.

Attending The Service:

  • Please print off a bulletin at home, or pick one up at the entrance of the church upon arrival.
  • There will be no Bibles, prayer books, or hymnals in the pews.
  • Musical offerings will be provided by the organ, other instrumentalists and the choir. There will be no congregational singing.
  • There will be no physical passing of the peace outside of family members in the pew. You may pass the peace through gestures to others.
  • Holy Communion will be shared, one kind only, which is bread. The clergy and ushers will provide directions for communion.
  • There will be no passed collection plate. A collection box will be available in the Narthex, but we highly encourage online or text-based giving.
  • Finally, after the service, the clergy and ushers will dismiss pews in a one-way pattern to maintain social distancing. Please respect the flow down the center aisle and out the side aisles.

If anyone in your household develops COVID-19 symptoms within 21 days of the service, contact the church office at 804-545-5405.

Sunday School and Nursery

We will continue to offer the 9:00 a.m. Virtual Sunday School. Children who come to church will have to remain with their parents during the service. Childcare will not be available at this time.

Coffee Hour

Virtual Coffee hour will continue following the 10:00 a.m. worship service at approximately, 11:15 a.m.

Church Cleaning Protocol

The church property has undergone deep cleaning and sanitization. Signs throughout the church will remind everyone of requirements, best practices, and movement through the church space. Our HVAC system will run to maximize outside air intake, and new higher-quality filters will be maintained and changed regularly.

If Someone Is Diagnosed

If someone who attended a service is diagnosed positive for COVID-19, that person or a family member should alert the church office immediately. The church will notify everyone who attended that service of the diagnosis. From the moment this information is provided to the church, the sanctuary will be closed until a deep cleaning and disinfecting is done.