Community Giving Campaign Kicks Off!

Dear. St. Paul’s,

This year St. Paul’s reaffirms the blessings of community—at home, with neighbors, at church, school and work, and in the world.

Why? Because pandemic isolation, political division, economic insecurity, climate threats, social distrust and physical violence have threatened to undermine our personal relationships —and meaningful personal relationships are the essence of healthy communities.

You are invited to recover “the blessings of community”. Here are some opportunities—

  • Come to a Community Gathering: As a diverse, inclusive community, St. Paul’s welcomes and engages many perspectives and passions—which energize our life together. In small groups, let’s hear one another’s stories and affirm our growth into the “beloved community” God intends. CLICK HERE for more on how to participate.
  • Participate in St. Paul’s Fall Community Giving Campaign: With your financial support, we (a) nurture meaningful personal relationships among our children, youth, adults, and families; (b) invite Downtown neighbors to experience community, midweek, through prayer, meditation and the arts: and (c) extend our community relationships across differences of race, class, and neighborhood. Make a donation with pledge card provided by mail or at church or online at
  • Help us build a Community Blessing Board: Each Sunday during the campaign, add a photo and/or your response to the following: Name a particular time when you experienced the blessings of community at St. Paul’s. The Blessing Board is located in the gathering space.

This year we affirm “community”—in all of our diversity—at home with neighbors, at church, school and work, and in the world!

We love you, St. Paul’s!

Jane and Don Cowles
Community Giving Campaign, Co-Chairs