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2018 Annual Giving Campaign

Dear people of St. Paul's,

We invite you to consider making a generous gift to support the ministries of St. Paul’s and to ensure that the legacy of our sanctuary is passed on to generations yet unborn. St. Paul’s is a blessed family. As one family, one body, the task assigned to all who kneel or stand with hands outstretched during Eucharist is to pursue Jesus’ prayer that God’s “will be done on earth as it is in heaven.” Let us join together as a family of faith to build on St. Paul’s tradition of faithful service and to proclaim Christ in the heart of the city.


Edie Patterson & David White 

Expenditures by Ministries

St. Paul’s proclaims Christ in the heart of the city in the following ways. Please consider supporting our ministries through a gift that will make you proud of your engagement with St. Paul’s. Read our case statement for more about how gift is part of our common life at St. Paul's.



Your gift supports Outreach: Emmaus, Micah, transformational grants, Richmonders involved to Strengthen our Communities (RISC), Mwitikira, Tanzania, and Eyes on Richmond.

Your gift supports the parish and community: Shrine Mont, Children’s Ministry, youth and adult education, and hospitality and pastoral care.  

Your gift supports Music and Worship: our choirs, Choral Evensong, Advent Lessons & Carols, Epiphany Carol Service, special concerts, guest instrumentalists.

Your gift supports 815 E Grace St.: Equipment and facility repairs, capital repairs and replacement, and utilities.


The annual giving goal is $700,000.

Based on budgeted allocations, Annual Giving gifts will be spread in the following way:

  • $217,000 to Outreach
  • $175,000 to 815 E. Grace Street
  • $168,000 to Parish and Community
  • $140,000 to Music and Worship

Your financial support makes each of our vital ministries possible. Our life together, as it is lived within the walls of St. Paul’s, in the heart of the city, and in the village of Mwitikira, Tanzania, depends on each of us doing our fair share as members of one body.

Thank you for considering a generous pledge to St. Paul’s. Pledges are payable through December 2018 and can be made online (see below) or by returning a pledge card to the office.

Give online

Pledge and give online at AccessACS

To make your 2018 pledge, please follow these steps:

  1. Sign in to AccessACS.
  2. Click 'Home' then 'My Profile.'
  3. In your profile, click 'My pledge history' and then add your pledge.
  4. Fill in the dates as January 1, 2018 through December 31, 2018.
  5. Select 'PLEDGE' from the drop-down menu and click submit.

If you have any questions, email Aliesha Hart.

Thank you for your generosity!