Faith Formation

Sunday morning faith formation classes enable churchgoers to ask the difficult questions and dig deeper into their faith. We take these opportunities to consider scripture from a variety of angles and discuss a range of topics relating to the church and God’s impact in our world.

Faith formation is held from 9:00 to 9:50 am each Sunday and is open to all. We invite you to come engage in these discussions as we grow in faith together.

This summer, we are offering contemplative prayer/meditation as a faith formation offering in the Palmore Room on the second floor. No meditating experience is required; feel free to join us whenever you’d like. Please also check our events page for upcoming faith formation opportunities. If you have questions or thoughts regarding faith formation, please reach out to Minister for Faith Formation Keli Cooper.

General Timeline
9:00 a.m. Faith Formation Begins
9:35 a.m. Questions & Answers
9:45 a.m. Faith Formation Ends