Sharing (Y)our Story: Fall Forum

Event Information

November 17th, 2019 at 9:00 am
St. Paul's Episcopal Church

Sharing (Y)our Story in conjunction with the Community Giving Campaign (coordinated along with Sarah Nolan, Minister for Stewardship)

The Sharing (Y)our Story forum series is designed to provide a space for members of our community to share their faith story in a safe and authentic space. We hope that people will attend these sessions in order to get to know others better and feel a richer connection to our parish family. This five-week series is held in conjunction with the Community Giving Campaign.

Our presenters for this series are as follows:

October 20th: Maritza Pechin
October 27th: Mary Kay Huss
November 3rd: Matt Stehle
November 10th: The Rev. Dr. Charlie Dupree
November 17th: Dr. Kia Bentley

Over the course of these Sunday mornings, we hope you will take the opportunity to connect and grow in faith with these members of your parish community. Please join us!