Making Meaning of the St. Paul’s Windows

Event Information

August 4th, 2019
St. Paul's Episcopal Church

The History and Reconciliation Initiative would like to begin a conversation about St. Paul’s memorial windows and what they mean to us today. Building on successful workshops at the recent parish retreat, HRI members want to sit with small groups to consider the Lee and Davis memorial windows, what they meant to the congregation that installed them, and what they can mean to us in the future. The goal is to begin building a parish-wide consensus about how we incorporate our history into our identity going forward.

HRI members will be present in the sanctuary after the July 21, August 4, and August 18 services. We can also meet with any group during a weekday, an evening, at St. Paul’s, Westminster-Canterbury, or any other convenient location.

Please notify Chris Graham at cgraham@stpaulsrva.orgif you plan to attend, if you have for any questions, or to set up an off-site get-together. We can work with groups of up to ten people, and can bring photographic reproductions of the windows to outside locations.