Hamilton Glass | Lenten Speaker Series

Event Information

February 25th, 2021 at 7:00 pm
Online (Zoom Webinar)

For the 2021 Lenten Speaker Series, St. Paul’s is featuring various poets and artists who will reflect on the concept of journey and journeying together during this season of pandemic and political turmoil.

Our first speaker is Public Artist and Muralist Hamilton Glass.

Hamilton Glass’s career as an artist stems from his architecture and design background. Despite working in the architecture field for 7 years, his passion for public art pushed him to start a career as an artist. Public art has always been a big influence and inspiration to Hamilton, because of its power to influence and inspire the surrounding community. With every opportunity Hamilton is given to create, he tries to convey a message that connects his art to the community. Using his background in architecture, he creates images that reference architectural drafting practices, which are represented in the sharp lines, scale, and balance of the piece. The bright colors and unpredictable lines and shapes are used to convey energy and movement in each piece. Hamilton is always looking to use his art as an inspiration and healing tool in the community, as well as being a great example of a working black artist. Website: whosham.com.

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