To respond to the unprecedented need that is affecting many in the Richmond area as COVID-19 continues to claim lives and the livelihoods of many, St. Paul’s Episcopal Church has established the COVID-19 Relief Fund and made an initial investment of $150,000 to serve those in need.


The fund is designed to be flexible, as our community continues to navigate these uncharted waters, and will be administered by St. Paul’s leadership who will work diligently to monitor daily changes in our community to make sure needs are being met.

We invite people to donate to the fund to make a larger, collective impact.




Apply to Receive Funding

At this time, primary consideration will be given to:

  • Organizations (businesses and non-profits) that are serving, working, or based within communities that St. Paul’s has a relationship with – families in East End of RVA, housing/food insecure in RVA, and our friends in Mwitikira, Tanzania.
  • Organizations addressing the broad set of needs that are emerging from the COVID health crisis as well as hardships created for by the stay-at-home measures including food access, childcare, housing, health services delivery, education, etc.

The fund will not support:

  • General assistance to organizations experiencing lost revenue during the COVID-19 disaster or for activities which costs are known to be reimbursable from other sources.
  • Individual requests. Individual requests can be directed to the Director of Outreach and Community Engagement.

St. Paul’s asks the following of organizations requesting assistance from the fund:

  • Organizations must apply and answer all applicable grant questions
  • Organizations that may ask for up to $20,000
  • Organizations must show that their current situation has been altered by the COVID-19 pandemic
  • Organizations must be willing to send a six-month report to St. Paul’s

Grants will be awarded on a rolling basis as funds are available.




You can also download the word document form HERE and e-mail to Lynn Williams.

Individual requests or questions about the grant application process can be directed to Lynn Williams, Director of Outreach and Community Engagement by e-mail or by phone at 804-545-5403.