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The STOOP: Stories of our people

Because you tell stories when you’re sitting out on the stoop.

St. Paul’s is a beloved community bound together by God and by the stories of our people.  In those stories, we find our connection and shared humanity.  We started The STOOP as a way to share our stories with each other and the world. 

Every person has a unique and magnificent story.  This is our way of celebrating them.  We hope you enjoy!

The STOOP: Edie Patterson
06/19/2017 |
“When you grow up inhabiting the language of the prayer book and the psalms and the hymns I don’t think you can help but imbibe the spirit that we’re here to do as much as we can.”
The STOOP: Miriam Farris
06/12/2017 |
“I went through a crisis of faith; it wasn’t about my relationship with God, it was more about my relationship with other Christians.”
The STOOP: Keydron Dunn
06/05/2017 |
“If you surround yourself with a diverse community, you’ll catch love.”
The STOOP: Lee Switz
05/15/2017 |
“[Being a Christian means] making a very conscious effort to look for God in everybody.”
The STOOP: Emily Watkins
04/03/2017 |
"The times I feel God's grace and God helping me and working in my life are the times when I have personally been able to forgive."
The STOOP: Cynthia Ellis
03/02/2017 |
“My pursuit [of God] is all over the map, but I’ve never decided it wasn’t worth continuing to search for.”
The STOOP: Barbara Holley
02/13/2017 |
“[St. Paul’s] is home. It’s where I can cry, I can laugh; I feel comfortable.”
The STOOP: Michelle Walker
02/06/2017 |
“I love the liturgy…we’re going to open that book, and I can feel people all around the world are doing it too.”
The STOOP: Michaelle Justice
12/19/2016 |
“We have to insist that when we see something that’s wrong, we need to stand by those who are being wronged.”
The STOOP: Pam James
12/06/2016 |
“The whole reason music resonated with me was, going back to my childhood, music was the way God was speaking to me.”