Community Engagement Steering Committee

MEMBERS 2020/21

Barbara Holley (Vestry Liaison)
Matt Stehle (Vestry Liaison)
Susan Brooks
Michelle Walker
Chris West
Lynn Williams, Director of Outreach and Community Engagement (Staff Liaison)

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A Note from the Committee:

At our annual parish meeting in January, you heard Charlie say that that new things are ahead for Outreach at St. Paul’s. Here is an update about what we are focused on.

A new Outreach and Community Engagement Steering Committee has been formed. The committee members are; Matt Stehle (Vestry Liaison), Barbara Holley (Vestry Liaison), Susan Brooks, Chris West, Michelle Walker and Matthew Cole. This is an amazing group of people who are excited to help and continue re-engaging our community with a love for each other and our neighbors.

The Committee has kicked off a strategic planning process with an organization called the The Spark Mill. Their team will lead the committee through several months of work to identify and clarify Outreach and Community Engagement priorities and goals. The first step is for our facilitators to gather information. In the coming months we will be providing opportunities for parishioners to participate in a survey and a discussion group focused on Outreach and Community Engagement. Look for dates and times for those discussions groups in a couple weeks.

Moving ahead the Outreach and Community Engagement Steering committee is following some guiding principles to inform our work.

  • Be a living witness to Christ’s justice and love, especially to the most vulnerable among us.
  • Create partnership-based ministries with our local and global neighbors.
  • Create ministries that capture the energy, interests and passions of this congregation.
  • Create ministries that invite broad participation from the congregation and the community.

We are really eager to work through this process and hope that you will join us in sharing your ideas and visions for St. Paul’s community engagement.

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out –

Matt Stehle, Barbara Holley and Lynn Williams

Learn about your committee members –


Susan has been an active St. Paul’s member for many years, and she feels her passion for our church lies within outreach – working actively and creatively in vibrant ministries in Richmond and beyond.

BARBARA HOLLEY (Vestry Liaison)
Barbara is looking forward to creating a ministry for the St. Paul’s congregation that will identify resources for the community that encompass both financial and volunteer engagement.

MATT STEHLE (Vestry Liaison)
Matt Stehle he believes St. Paul’s history challenges us to think big and provides us an opportunity to learn and grow – He is excited to work with the Outreach and Community Engagement team to evolve our engagement with the communities we care so deeply about!

Michelle is an establish St. Paul’s parishioner that has been involved in many aspects of the church. She is excited to be involved in Outreach and Community Engagement because she believes that the things we do for others are the most important things we do at St. Paul’s.

Chris West is relatively new to St. Paul’s and is excited to work together to strengthen St. Paul’s Outreach efforts to make a bigger impact on our community.