The Rev. Gwynn Crichton / Associate Rector for Pastoral Care and Community Engagement

The Reverend Gwynn Crichton graduated from Virginia Theological Seminary in May 2020 and was ordained to the priesthood on September 14, 2020. A cradle Episcopalian, Gwynn grew up in Nashville, Tennessee. She received a Bachelor of Arts from Oberlin College in 1994 and a Master of Environmental Management from Duke University’s Nicholas School of the Environment in 1998. From 1998-2017, Gwynn enjoyed a meaningful and exciting 19-year vocation as an ecologist with The Nature Conservancy, a global land and water conservation non-profit organization. Gwynn is passionate about empowering disciples as the Body of Christ for loving and serving others to make God’s reign of love and justice known to all of creation. In addition to all things churchy, Gwynn enjoys spending time with her spouse Janean and their pets as well as being outside doing almost anything in nature.

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