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St. Paul's rector transition process

Our rector transition is an ongoing process. We are working with the diocese and a consultant to shape a healthy, Spirit-led process for St. Paul's. We will update you as we go!

We are excited to announce our rector search committee! Read a letter about their work and view their bios. Please hold them in prayer!

Here are some letters (in chronological order) you may find useful in understanding what has been going on St. Paul's:

  • The Rev. Wallace Adams-Riley's resignation letter:
    • "Coming to St. Paul’s has been one of the great blessings of my life. To serve as the fifteenth rector of St. Paul’s for these nine years is something I am grateful for and will always look back on fondly – the countless holy moments shared, and as many laughs and joys, and much good hard work and ministry together too: baptisms, weddings, funerals; times at Woodville; weekends at Shrine Mont; pilgrimages to the Holy Land & Italy; hundreds of Sunday morning services; hundreds of Lenten preaching services and Lenten Lunches; bread broken together; walks and cups of coffee; prayers and thanksgivings; and kindness..."
  • A letter from the senior and junior wardens, Joyce Smith and Jane Nelson:
    • "...We have often heard from the pulpit that we are called by Christ to love each other, particularly through challenging times. We are called to respect each other, particularly when we do not see eye to eye. We are called to care for each other, particularly when some are hurting. In this time of transition, which will generate different responses from different parts of our community, let us not run away from an uncomfortable place. Together, we can become more of the community we are called to be..."
  • A letter from the vestry, offering some clarifications:
    • "...Among the confusion that overshadows us, are assumptions that are simply not true.  First, is the assumption that the History and Reconciliation initiative (HRI) led to Wallace’s departure. Nothing could be further from the truth. HRI is the most vibrant and energized project St. Paul’s has undertaken in many years. This work is a mandate of the Presiding Bishop and was Wallace’s gift to the church, and we intend to live it forward fully, without reservation.
      Secondly, some assume that the emphasis placed on being a welcoming church, and most particularly welcoming to the LGBTQ communities, led to dissatisfaction. That too is simply not true. Part of St. Paul’s rich legacy is stepping into the void caused by ignorance and injustice. We seek out diversity and the energy and leadership that naturally follows. This is who we are..."
  • An announcement welcoming the Rev. Susan N. Eaves as our bridge interim rector:
    • "...The wardens and vestry of St. Paul’s are pleased to announce that the Rev. Susan N. Eaves has accepted our call to serve as bridge interim rector. The Rev. Sue Eaves will start with St. Paul’s on October 2 to guide us forward as we, with the help of the Diocese of Virginia, identify and call an interim rector, who we hope will be in place early in 2018..."