A Prayer for Our Times

A crowd gathers at the Weinstein JCC in solidarity with the victims and survivors of the Tree of Life Synagogue massacre in Pittsburgh, PA.

Here is an appropriate prayer for our times, shared by our brother Rabbi Michael Knopf on Tuesday night at the JCC. He got it from the Central Conference of American Rabbis:

When evil darkens our world, let us be the bearers of light. 

When fists are clenched in self-righteous rage, let our hands be open for
the sake of peace.

When injustice slams doors on the ill, the poor, the old, and the stranger,
let us pry the doors open. 

Where shelter is lacking, let us be builders. 

Where food and clothing are needed, let us be providers.

Where knowledge is denied, let us be champions of learning.

When dissent is stifled, let our voices speak truth to power.

When the earth and its creatures are threatened, let us be their guardians.

When bias, greed, and bigotry erode our country’s values,
let us proclaim liberty throughout the land. 

In the places where no one acts like a human being, let us bring courage;
let us bring compassion;
let us bring humanity.