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Providing for a New Church in Mwitikira

During a visit to Mwitikira in 2007, villagers repeatedly said that a new church building was where they most wanted help.  Although the Global Missions Committee felt that improving the water system was a more urgent need for their funding, out of respect for the wishes of the village, the committee donated $5000 toward the new church building, and a one of our parishioners generously donated the doors and windows. The committee also secured a $10,000 Mustard Seed grant through the Diocese of Virginia for the church building.  With generous support from other American donors, and excellent leadership from Father Erasto Ndahani, the parish priest, Mwitikira built a large new church to replace their much smaller, crumbling older building.

In 2013, the Global Missions Committee secured a United Thank Offering grant of $7000 from the National Church, to add solar panels to the church and the parish house which also houses the library. In addition to greatly enhancing the worship possibilities for the parish, the new church is a great asset for the Diocese of Central Tanganyika by serving as the site for large meetings and trainings for clergy, catechists, and choirs. The old church is now houses a church-run kindergarten for 75 children with two teachers.