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Be Reconciled

This year St. Paul’s invites you to join us on a transformative journey to Be Reconciled.  Through Sunday morning formation sessions, book studies, speakers, and retreats, we are tracing an arc of reconciliation through three movements: reconciling relationships, reconciling to God, and reconciling communities.

The work of reconciliation is never easy and never complete, but as disciples we are called to follow The Way of Jesus.  As Episcopalians we vow to “seek and serve Christ in every human being,” and “strive for justice and peace among all people, and respect the dignity of every human being.”  As church members we are reminded that the mission of the Church is to “restore all people to unity with God and each other through Christ.” 

We invite you to walk with us through the challenging and holy path of reconciliation; to consider what relationships need reconciling; to consider your own relationships with God; and to look upon your community, the city, and the world, with hearts fixed upon God’s dream of reconciling the world through Christ.

Reconciling in Community

April 30: Asking Forgiveness:  How do we live out our baptismal covenant in a community context? How do we engage and work for meaningful change through Christ? ABCD, midwife change, etc. Helpful/harmful service, who really needs the service (where is the Spirit really flowing, to or from those we serve?  Hand up vs. Hand out, God helps those who help themselves, etc

May 7: Renewing the Relationship: Discerning together a new relationship with our neighbors, who is the neighbor we need to embrace, identifying creative ways to honor the dignity of those we serve, build lasting right relationships, look at our own ministries?

Parish Retreat: The parish retreat at Shrine Mont will be May 12-14, and will be facilitated by the Rev. Gary Commins, author of Becoming Bridges: The Spirit and Practice of Diversity and If We Could Only See: Mystical Vision and Social Transformation.  Gary will draw on his decades of ministry with diverse populations in downtown settings to present the case for both mysticism and activism. For more on the retreat and to register, follow this link.

May 21: Renewing the Relationship: Continuing discussion from above, make personal commitment to new relationships, panel to discuss examples?

Coming soon:  information on our intergenerational mission trip to work on the Rosebud Indian Reservation