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Downtown Mission

Melanie Mullen | Downtown Missioner

How does St. Paul’s become a better neighbor and help build a better community in downtown Richmond? Downtown Mission at St. Paul's is a community outreach endeavor which encompasses inviting newcomers into St. Paul’s, as well as encouraging existing members to participate more fully in the neighboring community.

Downtown Missioner Melanie Mullen calls this "the art of neighboring"; engaging with residents, supporting local businesses, aiding efforts to improve life in the city and otherwise spreading the spirit of St. Paul's to the broader downtown area.

downtown Mission Events:

Join in St. Paul's hospitality mission during the September cycling Championships here:

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“New Mission Program Takes Church Outside the Walls and Into the City,” by Edie Gross, Faith & Leadership an offering of Leadership Education at Duke Divinity, July 16, 2013. 

Answering Jesus' Call: Downtown Mission, by Liz Bartenstein with Melanie Mullen and Brian Levey, from Vestry Papers, Episcopal Church Foundation Vital Practices, November 2013.